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My covid life can't be this boring!

Saturday, August 8, 2020 · 6:39PM

Hey, so this pandemic thing is still going. Nearly half a year. Who would have thought? <sarcasm>It was supposed be gone in April, like a miracle.</sarcasm>
Not unsurprisingly, not much has changed with me. Still working from home for the forseeable future. Corporate has said we probably won't be back in the office this year. I guess I have grown accustomed to working from home. I still don't like the lack of disconnect, but overall, it is a bit less stressful. Maybe it's the not having to deal with people in person.
I did get one of those convertible standing desk things. It's pretty nice to have. Our dining table, well, it hasn't been used for dining since the start, but now it's really taken over by both of our workstations.
We're still not going out super often. Still grocery shopping about every other week. Our shopping habits are a little less doomsday but still fairly large volume given the frequency. Most times we're shopping for three families— her parents, my parents, and us. Shopping trips sometimes include a boba side quest, so that's something to look forward to. We still don't eat out much besides our weekly Friday lunch delivery. I guess we're choosing the best way to socially distance. It's a little challenging, but hopefully for the best.
We have separately attended some family gatherings. My family had a few celebrations. My mom had hip replacement surgery in May and had a long stay away from home for about a month. So her coming home and both of my parents' birthdays were kinda big to-dos.
For some self-indulgence, I got myself a new turntable. My niece and nephew seemed to have started a vinyl collection of sorts, but they did not have a turntable. Now they do. I gifted them my old Audio Technica LP60 and some computer speakers (which actually sounded decent), and I got myself this fancy U-turn Audio Orbit Custom. Custom as in I chose the parts. I picked the fancy "ultraviolet" color, acrylic platter (which looks pretty neat), Ortofon OM 5E cartridge, and nifty cue lever. Strangely enough, I think I'm still at "entry level" with this thing. If we're being honest, I'm not much of an audiophile, so I can't really say I hear a difference. Maybe I need better speakers? :smirk emoji: Like I mentioned in my last entry, I've been spinning records more often now, and it's cool to breathe some new life into my set up.
You can see I also busted out some of my figures. I figured (ha ha) it was time to let some of them see the light of day. I don't think I'm ready to commit to a full on display case. I was considering possibly getting like standalone display boxes, but the varying shapes and sizes of my ~~waifus~~ figures kinda makes that impractical. My thought is I can swap these out as I please, and having them out in the open makes that easier. Now I just have to worry about things like dust and sunlight and whatever other nonsense.
I finished another video game recently. Nier: Automata. This was actually a really fun game, and I didn't expect to be when I first started. The gameplay isn't super interesting (mostly), as it's kind of just your standard hack and slasher. However, the storytelling is super interesting. Admittedly, I haven't played a ton of games in recent times, but I'd guess there isn't a game like this. I don't think I could describe it accurately or make it seem worthwhile, but I assure you, it is. And yes, there are scantily-clad androids.
We haven't been watching much TV. Since Ozark and Dead to Me, we haven't been able to find something to latch on to. We did watch Devs on Hulu. It was a pretty interesting show. Very heady, I mean, it focuses on quantum mechanics. I never watched Parks & Rec, but I know the Ron character from memes (who doesn't), so it was a little odd seeing Nick Offerman in a serious role. And his characters hair was kinda not good. We're trying to watch The Great now. It seems ok so far, but someone else is not quite as engaged. I did watch Knives Out, which I enjoyed thoroughly.
I think I'm getting pretty OK at cutting my own hair. I've since added scissors to take care of the top, which is still a struggle. The coordination needed escapes me, but it is passable. The top-back of my head is still a trouble spot.
Anyway, I think that covers it. I guess I won't be surprised if this is still going on another two months.

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