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Friday, July 3, 2020 · 9:42PM

One perk of being home all the time is that I get to spend more time with my records. It's nice to be able to work, dig through the collection a bit, and put something on as a work soundtrack. My records are still somewhat all over the place, so I've been organizing and reorganizing them recently. My partner was observing me, and being of a non-collector mind, she's more than a little perplexed as to why I would have more than one copy of something.
She asked me a good question though—what record do I have the most copies of? The answer appears to be Modern Life Is War's Witness LP at 11. The LPs/12-inches are more easily visible, but I don't think I have a 7-inch collection remotely close to that. (TBF, I do need to sort through those.)
Musically, this is an all-timer for me. At the time, MLIW was doing something different in hardcore. The songs were almost all mid-tempo, no real mosh parts, and the lyrics were anthemic. There's just a certain energy that was captured here. I think the opening track, "The Outsiders," really showcases what I think this band is. Going from a nice simmer to boiling over.
Jeff Eaton's lyrics have a bit a folk flair to them. The song "I'm Not Ready" I think is the one I identify with most. It kind of encapsulates being in my mid-20s, years removed from high school, and hoping for things to stay the same.
When you're 16, you don't know what forever means When you are 23, you couldn't be more sorry to say That after all this growing up together all the good has gone away Sometimes the boys that should be your best friends Become strangers with familiar faces
Yes, this is proper "amazingcore." It's probably not wrong to say this band, if not this record, started an era of driving mid-tempo, "emotional" hardcore.

Anyway, this really wasn't supposed to be about music. This was supposed to be for the record nerdery. So, eleven different versions I have. Nowhere near close to everything for this record, but not too shabby, especially for me.
I believe this record is a Deathwish, Inc. release, but the vinyl was originally released by Lifeline Records. The first press (and possibly a couple after) came with a nice, simple gatefold jacket with the lyrics printed on the inside. We have a "blood red," light blue marble, dark blue marble, and green marble colored vinyl.

Somewhere down the line, they switched to a standard jacket with the lyric sheet insert. Clear purple and clear vinyl in my collection.

There was also a European press released by Reflections Records. I'm wondering how I would have ordered this. It's quite possible I just sent a money order to The Netherlands. Simpler (and much more trusting) times. Standard jacket with the dust sleeve/lyric sheet combo, which I never enjoy. They're usually so fragile at the edges. Clear with black splatter and grey with black splatter. Reflections was all about the splatter colorways.

A few years ago, Deathwish did a remaster and repress celebrating the 10-year anniversary for this record. I don't know that I've actually listened to this version, but I'm sure it sounds great. They went back to the gatefold layout, and they made a cool booklet with a foreword with some nice words from people. I never owned the CD version, but I wonder if this is just a large version of the CD insert. Anyway, silver with blue haze, silver, and 180 gram black vinyl.

And if I had to pick, I'd say this sounds best on red vinyl.

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